Adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become a differentiation factor for organizations whose aim is not just profitability, but making an impact on the society.

At Fireside Communications Limited, working towards women empowerment is one of our approaches towards sustainability, the passion being evident at all levels of management within the organization.

The Apprentice program outlined on this site caters for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds; such as financial instability, refugees, and residents of marginalized areas around the country, and is one of our means to empowering women both economically by offering them a decent source of living and socially, by promoting gender equality.

Our outreach to women begins at their very basic levels. Currently, we support students of Kirenga Girls High School in Kiambu County through mentorship, motivation, and ICT improvement within the school.

For women aspiring to be engineers to join our engineering team, they do not have to be in possession of complicated degrees or certificates. A positive attitude towards work and eagerness to learn is all it takes. We believe that women can do the work that men do just as well, and this goes down to the most manual of tasks such as trenching and pulling of cables.

The Fireside CEO also mentors women running businesses towards entrepreneurial success in a program that has businesses that once fell at the auctioneer’s axe rise back up and perform exemplary.

Sustainability is all about creating a balanced community and as the popular saying goes, “When you empower a woman you empower a nation.”

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