Women in Engineering

The Women In Engineering (WIE) apprentice program is a collaborative effort between Safaricom and Fireside Group, towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals.

Safaricom and Fireside are committed to Goal No 5 on Gender Equality, Goal 10 on Reduced Inequalities and Goal No. 17 on Partnership for the Goals.

Under WIE, the two companies are seeking to increase the number of women from marginalized communities entering the technology field, by reducing barriers to entry, providing training, mentorship and job opportunities after successful completion.

The program requires one to have a high school certificate, positive attitude to make a change and the passion to do hands on work.

During the one year training, the girls will be expected to gain practical and theoretical skills to enable them enter the job market. Jobs are available at Fireside, its networks or any other company that the person may wish to work in.

Benefits of the program

  • The program provides interns with the opportunity of having decent work and gaining employability skills while at it.
  • The trickle down effect: The interns do not work for free. They earn a monthly stipend as well as allowances (during the initial stages of joining the program) and as such, they are able to cater for their needs and send some assistance back to their families in their rural homes.
  • Mentorship/inspiration: The girls serve as a ray of hope for fellow girls back in their villages, and demonstrate that making progress in life only requires passion and commitment.

  • Overall progress towards achievement of the SDGs: The program is meant to empower the girl child to take her place in the male dominated technology sector, hence the more graduates the program churns, the more gender balanced the field becomes.
  • By empowering the girls with a source of income and life skills, the program contributes to the promotion of gender equality and improving the lives of their families back in their marginalized villages.

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